15-25 October 2020
10:30 AM to 7 PM


Sectie-C, Hal 10
Daalakkersweg 2
5641 JA Eindhoven

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Free entrance

There will be various types of tours organized: for blind people, poor sighted people, schoolchildren, seniors, companies, and VIPs.
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Manifestations is located on Section-C in Tongelre, when you enter the Sectie-C terrain, walk all the way to the end, Manifestations is the last building on the right.

For nine days this location will be the inspiring intersection of art, design, innovation and technology. Not only for tech experts: everyone, young and old, is welcome to come see the future.
Time to relax?
Need to recharge or looking for a place for your partner to relax? Enjoy a chair massage at the DDW! You can decide for yourself how long your chair massage lasts, with a minimum of 5 minutes. The cost is €1 per minute.
19, 20, 26 and 27 Oct 
- Timeslots, therefor always nice and spacy, but you should reserve in advance.
- Maximum amount of visitors.
- Doors are opened on both sides of the exhibition space: optimal air renewal, bring a warm coat (corona is a sars: respiratory: transmits through air).
- 80% alcohol spray at the entrance and at all touchable installations.
- At the entrance we have 1000 masks in all colours of the rainbow, we stimulate wearing masks, because sometimes, unintentionally, people tend to stand closer to strangers than they planned.
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Time to relax?
The entrance you can type into Google Maps is called Manifestations Eindhoven, Daalakkersweg 2, Eindhoven.
How to get there:
It is 18 minutes from the cental station with bus 5, stop Broekakkerseweg. From the entrance gate of Sectie-C, the terrain is 1 long road, with left and righ shops and studios of creatives. Manifestations is in the last buildig at the right, at a small square. It has a 4 meter entrance door, with fresh air, and no treshold.
In the first part of the terrain there is great food. Also a supermarket near the entrance.
Er zijn toegankelijkheidstours voor blinden en slechtzienden beschikbaar op donderdag 16 en vrijdag 17 tijdens DDW, vooralsnog op afspraak via organisatie [at] manifestations.nl.
We've collected several dining, drinking, and lodging hotspots for you.
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