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BioArt Laboratories Foundation focuses on top-talents. They attract designers, technicians, students, artists, businesses, academics, and others who are interested in the crossover between science, nature, technology, creativity. By doing so, they consolidate a potent human capital pool for Eindhoven and its region. 

LAB-1 is a cinema, club, event room and café-bar located in Eindhoven. They stand for dynamism, experiment, creativity and a place to enjoy, hang and feel at home. They are a stage for movies, live music, exhibitions, visuals, DJs and events during the day and night.

Virtual worlds, printed food, dynamic cities and wild robots. We are surrounded by technology in such a way that it becomes our ‘next nature’. It sounds abstract, but it is very close; cars drive themselves and heart valves are printed. 

Our world is at a turning point, towards at growing social inequality. The Age of Wonderland programme found that, in order to face the reality of today and tomorrow. From 2014-2017, Age of Wonderland invited makers, thinkers and doers from Latin America, Africa and Asia to work on challenges where scarcity and ingenuity go hand in hand. 

The augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality sector is growing rapidly. From scratch, these companies are shooting towards the sky. The industry is still looking for the best method of working, trying to find the best possible ways in which the Mixed realities can and will have an impact on society. The Hyperspace Institute – professional association for AR/VR/MR professionals – wants to support this search process. 

The VPRO Medialab explores the possibilities to tell stories through new technologies and thereby actively seeks cross-fertilization with other disciplines.  

Transnatural envisions a world where man, nature and technology merge. Technology supports the natural world and ecological wealth. The platform works with a multi-faceted mixture of national and international creators, thinkers, businesses, R&D labs, studios and research institutes. 

Campinga terrein

The iconic abandoned Philips factory now is a playground where children and their parents experience adventures with films and inspiring interactive exhibits. In several workshops they can design and build their own inventions or create movies themselves. A unique place for creative families and an inspiring location for business events as well!


MU is an investigative presentation platform in a rich international network of creators who together define the liminal space between what art is and what art can be. 


Dutch Design Awards annually awards the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and groundbreaking projects. Different disciplines, viewpoints and solutions are looked at in the light of the impact they have on our society. 

Temporary Art Center is a breeding ground for cultural renewal. In 80 studios over 150 starting visual artists, designers and other makers work on the world of tomorrow. TAC offers space and a stage for experiment, with a program full of exhibitions, music, performance and parties. 

Duurzame kost produces and distributes vegetables, fruit and fish in a sustainable manner. They work with people who are at a distance from the labour market. They grow their vegetables, fruit and fish without pesticides, artificial fertilizers and medication. In this way, they take social and ecological sustainability seriously. 

Embassee of Safety: From the Police with Love. 

Ketelhuisplein https://www.worlddesignembassies.com/embassies/safety/


Healthy Environment, Remedy for Body and Skin